DIVE INTO WINE is a team of like-minded people who are in love with wine. Our mission is to open the wonderful world of wine to as many people as possible.

The founder, Tatiana Nazarian, is an ideological inspirer and the driving force behind DIVE INTO WINE.

Tatiana's love for wine began as an exciting hobby in 2004. In 2019, she studied at the AccademiaVino wine school in Rome and Milan, where her love of wine was transformed into a profession. Tatiana regularly attends training events for leading industry professionals, communicates with winemakers and attends wine exhibitions and tastings.
DIW stands for DIVE INTO WINE. This name instantly came to my mind when I decided to open my own concierge service. This is exactly what you do when you drink wine. You are immersed in its aroma, taste, history of creation and tradition.
The main differences in DIVE INTO WINE and other similar services is that we do not invite our clients to drink as much wine as possible. Our main aim is an appreciation and understanding of the quality of wine. Through knowledge of wine and an awareness of your preferences, you can tailor quality wines to suit your individual taste.

I have often had the experience of a person proudly talking about how they have drunk some exquisite and expensive wine. However, when asked questions about why this particular wine appealed to them, they often cannot explain. In most cases, this is because they have focused on the ratings from wine critics or current trends. Our aim is to increase people's awareness and knowledge of wine, by learning the history of wine houses or small winemakers and ultimately acquiring a better understanding of their taste in wine. You will dive deeper into the world of wine, be able to explain why a particular wine is worthy of attention and learn more about how to choose wines and the criteria for making a good choice of wine.
How do you choose wines? What is the main focus for you?
What is DIW? What is the meaning of the name?
How is DIW different from others?
Over the past year, we have tasted over 1000 wines. Believe me, not all of them are worthy of our clients' attention. Therefore, we have decided to only focus exclusively on quality wines with an interesting taste. Of course, not every person will like the same wine, as we all have different tastes and perceptions of taste. The main focus of DIVE INTO WINE is quality and the focus for our clients is their personal taste.

Just imagine that there are more than 70 thousand new wines introduced into the market every year and almost 65 thousand wine producers in the world. Despite this, most people do not go beyond 100 wines in their entire life. In my opinion, wine should be explored further and as I am a very inquisitive person who enjoys trying new things, I want to pass this trait and my passion for wine on to other people. In other words, my goal is to inspire others by helping them to discover and rediscover wine.

In our online school, you will learn the basics of the art of wine consumption and the rules for wine selection. Our aim is for you to develop your appreciation of wine and your ability to select wine based on your individual taste. Your enjoyment of wine will be enhanced with a more in-depth knowledge of the wine you drink and the selection process.
How can DIW help?
We also offer concierge services for private clients. We offer our clients a wine selection service for those who wish to give wine as a gift. We offer a bespoke personal wine collection service and we will choose exclusive wines for your home wine collection or cellar, tailored to your tastes and requirements. We also offer offsite and online wine tasting for corporate or private events and to individuals as well.

Wine buying is influenced by trends and marketing which can result in overspending on wine and accessories. An education on wine reduces the chance of making unnecessary purchases with a focus on quality and more informed choices. It is better to drink one glass of decent wine that suits you, than a bottle of lower quality for the same price. Your home should not be overcrowded with glasses and other accessories that you purchase once a year (except if you are a collector). We help
with the selection of only necessary accessories. Through our training and events, we train our clients to be selective about everything related to wine.

Also, on our Instagram @dive_into_wine, we inform people about wine, cultivating a culture of conscious wine consumption.

Compiling a private collection or selecting wine for an event can be time-consuming and result in disappointment. We help you do this efficiently and our focus is on the wishes and preferences of our clients.

I started my career as a PR manager in a bank, then for five years I was involved in organizing events of various sizes from 30 to 6000 people. After this, l worked in charity work, IT start-ups, and, in the end, my passion for wine led to me wanting to work in this area.
What is your background?


Tatiana, I am delighted with the work done! The all-consuming marathon! A sea of emotions and discoveries! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the new knowledge, you generously shared with us! It's priceless. I listened to the audio files and made notes. I can tell you about my discoveries: white wines of New Zealand, your advice on wine lists of restaurants and a completely fresh look at champagne! Your recommendations for thematic films were a nice bonus. Delighted! Thank you! We are looking forward to new projects!
Natalia, Solnechnogorsk
I'm impressed by the marathon. I plunged into the world of wine, learned more not only about wine and grapes, but also about countries. I really wanted to travel to different wine regions. Now I don't get lost in wine lists in restaurants and consciously choose wine. I have continued tasting. The biggest discovery for me: the ability to understand the aromas and tastes of different wines, to feel their difference and variety. You begin to notice and understand your preferences. I definitely recommend this service for all newbies. This is an exciting new world.
Julia, Moscow
We have known Tatiana for a very long time, and I was happy to learn about her passion for wine and her further development in the industry. It was with great pleasure that I participated in one of the online tastings, we tried champagne. I liked the format of such an event, it was comfortable to be at home and communicate via
Zoom: the participants were from Great Britain, Lithuania and Germany. How difficult it would be to unite with such a selection of people without the Internet. Champagne is one of my favourite drinks, and it turns out that I knew practically nothing about it! Starting with how to open the bottle correctly, ending with understanding the origin of each bubble – Tatiana explains all this in a very exciting and simple way! I would like more such events and interesting stories about wine. I hope that Tatiana will delight her audience regularly with this.
Olga, Mannheim
The first champagne tasting in my life, and immediately online! Here is a new era. But now is not about that. Despite the fact that the tasting was on a screen, everything was top notch! Our beautiful sommelier revealed some interesting facts about bubbles, gave a couple of tips on how to combine them, and we just had a great Friday night! Thanks to Tatiana for her high level of preparation and sincere atmosphere! I would like more and more. I really hope to see you soon, where we
will gather again and raise our glasses, albeit from different countries!
Anastasia, Vilnius
Thank you very much Tatiana, she brought a lot of interesting and informative things to the quarantine evening. I received a lot of information and a lot of pleasure. It was especially interesting to find out what to combine champagne with to achieve maximum pleasure. I am looking forward to the next meeting.
Bella, Mannheim
Tatiana, thank you very much for the wonderful course from DIVE INTO WINE. If found it very capacious for a 4-week marathon and educational enough for a beginner. Well, the practice, after studying the theory, was doubly wonderful.
Anna, Amsterdam